Alan Quiroga

A crucial asset to the Steele team, Alan has consistently showcased strong technical and managerial abilities since joining the company in 2019. Bringing over a decade of experience in civil engineering, organization management, and leadership, Alan is intricately involved in projects, from the early estimating phases to the final delivery. His responsibilities include developing innovative, efficient, and comprehensive deep foundation solutions, conducting structural and geotechnical analyses, preparing submittal drawings, overseeing project finances and schedules, and coordinating with the project design team and Steele’s field crew throughout various project phases to ensure the successful delivery of projects to clients.

Earlier in his career, Alan served as an operations manager for a civil engineering organization in California. Later, he moved to Virginia, where he worked at a land development engineering firm before joining Steele.

Alan holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees in civil and infrastructure engineering with an emphasis on geotechnical and structural engineering.