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Especially in urban settings, where existing infrastructure or buildings limit project workspace, sheeting is required. Sheeting is an earth retention system that temporarily supports soil and rock when sloping is not possible due to site restrictions.

Sheeting is a common component of deep foundation work and is used for:

  • Construction in confined spaces, where temporary walls are used to prevent cave-ins.
  • Excavations for below-grade parking, basements, foundations and other in-ground structures, where there is a large amount of excavated soil that must be contained.

For more than 50 years, Steele Foundation has constructed sheeting solutions, collaborating with clients’ engineering and construction teams for each project. Together, we determine whether sheeting is required and, if so, select the best techniques and approaches.

Sheeting Spotlight

Reston Center Block 4

 The Reston Center Block 4 project, called The Signature, transformed a 4.5-acre surface parking lot into two residential towers (22-story West Tower and 20-story East Tower) and two six-story low-rise components in Reston, Virginia. The 1.2 million-square-foot Block 4 project delivered more than 500 luxury apartments and amenity spaces, including a rooftop pool, with below- and above-grade parking for 1,200 vehicles. 

Steele Foundation’s work on Reston Center Block 4 included a large and deep sheeting installation. Dense ground conditions added to the challenge of this large-scale project.

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