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Shoring is a process to temporarily support existing structures to allow for new construction to occur.

There are a variety of construction projects that require custom shoring systems, including:

  • Preserving historic properties, when the inside of the building may be completely demolished but the façade must stay intact.
  • Supporting adjacent or adjoining building walls when a structure is being torn down and rebuilt.
  • Repairing walls that are bulging or fractured.
  • Creating new openings in existing walls.

One of the biggest challenges in shoring work is that there are many variables that cannot be known at the outset of a project. The team won’t fully understand site and project conditions until they are progressing through the work.

Over more than five decades, Steele Foundation has delivered hundreds of shoring projects across countless configurations. We’re accustomed to managing through adverse conditions, coordinating with the engineers and construction crew to ensure that the right support is in the right place at the right time.

Our team is expert at designing, installing and managing custom, field-fabricated shoring systems required for complicated and heavy loads.

shoring Spotlight

Moxy Hotel

Moxy Hotel is a 13-story boutique hotel community with ground-floor retail and restaurant space located in downtown Washington, DC. Preserving and incorporating a historic mansion located at the site, the hotel features 200 guest rooms, common areas with exposed concrete and open ceilings, a rooftop lounge, fitness center and meeting spaces.

Given the sensitivity of this historic downtown DC structure, Steele Foundation used extreme care to support the existing exterior façade with custom steel shoring frames that allowed for safe demolition and installation of the new structure.

For its success on the Moxy Hotel project, Steele Foundation received a 2019 Washington Building Congress Craftsmanship Award in the Sitework category. The award recognizes the highest level of underpinning and shoring skill required given the restricted access, structural sensitivity and inherent risks involved with preserving the historic façades.

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