What We Do

Deep foundation design and construction is a specialty area that requires highly trained, experienced and licensed professionals. It’s a particularly hazardous part of a construction project that must safely and reliably navigate difficult ground conditions to build deep foundations for structural stability and longevity. Though the underground portion of a construction project is not visible at completion, it truly is the foundation of any project’s success.

The region’s most respected contractors select Steele Foundation because of our history of success on complex projects. With more than five decades of design-build construction experience across more than 1,700 projects, we’re proud to bring unmatched expertise, integrity and commitment to quality to every foundation.

As early as practical, our engineers and craftsmen work closely with project designers, contractors, developers and owners to provide cost-effective and safe project design-build solutions for:


Temporarily retaining earth for deep excavations.


Lowering existing foundations to accommodate excavations. 


Supporting walls with temporary props or “shores”.


Installing high-capacity, deep-foundation elements in restricted access locations.